We began this lesson creating houses out of clay. We used kiln fired clay, but you can also use air dry clay. We looked at Dr. Suess illustrations for inspiration. Since his drawings were free form it made it easier for younger children to create a house that did not need to be precise. It also looks more fanciful and fun!

Next, we painted the houses using acrylic paints from Michaels. They are inexpensive, give great coverage, and all go together beautifully! After that we found or created objects for our “yards”. This project was done in the art studio, but imagine how cute this would be in an actual backyard or garden. Please post pics if you try it. Think spring!!img_9083img_9085img_9087img_9086img_9093img_9096img_9097img_9100img_9101img_9102img_9098