This fun lesson teaches students as early as Kindergarten the power of observation when learning how to draw. Here is how it is done…

Materials:  large drawing paper folded in half, boards to place on lap when drawing, chairs in large circle, pencils (lots of extras to avoid going to the sharpener) no erasers.

I choose 2 students to strike a pose in front of the class and give myself 60 seconds to draw the gestures on the dry erase board while students observe. I talk to them about using a continuous line, starting with the head and working their way down – shoulders, hips, legs, knees, feet, then back up to arms, elbows, lower arms and ovals for hands. Remind students that they are not drawing what someone looks like, but what they are doing. For extra fun, take students to the gym during a gym class to draw.


There is no talking or getting up during the pose. While a student is posing, I sit in their chair and draw them.


Here are the results…aren’t they amazing?